How to Start CMT

( Document last updated 3 September 2003 by Florence Ranjard )

This page decribes how to set up your Unix environment to use CMT. At CERN this is done for you at login time by the following line of the $GROUP_DIR/group_login.csh when the window is opened with telnet or xrsh:

             source $LHCBHOME/scripts/CMT.csh

The following steps are necessary if you do not execute the CERN group_login at login time.

CMT resides in the sw/contrib/CMT area. The current version (v1r16) of CMT has to be configured everytime you open a new window

the working area is the place to store private packages :
           [2]    mkdir $HOME/cmtuser
    [3] cp -r $LHCBRELEASES/cmtuser/cmt .

All packages are installed in the release area : $LHCBRELEASES

The user must provide the path to his working area : CMT will look there first to find packages and then in the release area .

             [4]    setenv CMTPATH $HOME/cmtuser