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The getpack tool is obsolete. See the git4LHCb TWiKi for the Git based workflow that replaces it


The getpack script was written in order to checkout packages of the Gaudi framework from the corresponding cvs servers and run some cmt configurations on them. The source code can be found in $LHCBSCRIPTS/python/, or in the scripts package  in the LHCb CVS repository.

Usage examples:

At CERN, on both Linux and Windows, the getpack script is invoked by simply typing 'getpack' at the command line prompt.

  1. print out full usage instructions

            getpack -h
  2. checkout version v11r0 of Event/Event

            getpack Event/Event v11r0

  3. checkout head revision of GaudiKernel

            getpack GaudiKernel head

  4. get a list of all Event packages

            getpack -i LHCB Event

  5. checkout all LHCB-packages

            getpack -r LHCb v10r0 


Adapting getpack for use outside CERN:

If you are using the cvs-servers at CERN you will not have to change the script, but you will receive some information that you are not using this script from inside CERN.

If you are using your own cvs-server there are some variables in the getpack-script which have to be adapted. These variables are:

In order to make getpack aware of a new cvs-server you have to add a pair of values to each of the variables mentioned in the list above. The section with the variables to change is clearly pointed out and can be found in the getpack-function of the getpack module (

This page was last updated on January 30, 2017.