The LHCb Event Model packages

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This page last edited by MC on September 22, 2008.

This page is obsolete and no longer maintained.

The new address for the Event Model documentation is:

The LHCb Event Model describes the event data classes and their relationships. An introduction can be found in the Event Model Tutorial.

The model was developed during late 2001 and early 2002 (see minutes of Event Model and related meetings) using the conventions described in LHCb 2001-142 (also in .doc format). This glossary of data types may be useful in understanding the document. Other presentations describing aspects of the LHCb Event Model are available. A review of the event model took place in summer 2005 - the review documents are in the review TWiki.

All event model classes must be defined in XML, which is then parsed by the Gaudi Object Description package to produce C++ header files and the dictionaries required for persistency. Every event model class must have a unique Class ID, allocated by the Event Model Coordinator. The currently defined Event classes and Class IDs are listed  here (also in .xls format).

Changes to the event model are recorded in the LHCbSys release notes.

The Event Model is implemented in the packages shown below. 

PackageResponsible Description Documentation
GaudiKernelP. Mato
M. Frank
Container classes and base classes for data objects Persistent Base Classes
LHCbKernelM. CattaneoChannel ID classes LHCbID Twiki
OT Event Model Twiki
EventBaseM. Cattaneo, G.Corti Generic utility classes 
GenEventG. Corti MC Truth (generator) classes LHCb-2005-034
MCEventG. Corti and sub-detectorsMC Truth (simulation) classes Physics Event Model Task Force Twiki
Rich Event Model Twiki
DigiEventM. Cattaneo and sub-detectorsMC Truth (digitization) classes OT Event Model Twiki
Rich Event Model Twiki
LHCb-2008-047 (STCluster, STLiteCluster)
VeloEvent T. Szumlak, C. ParkesAdditional Velo digitization classes Velo software web,
RecEventM. Cattaneo and sub-detectorsReconstruction classes (excluding tracks) OT Event Model Twiki
Rich Event Model Twiki
Calo Event Model Twiki
LHCb-2008-047 (STSummary)
TrackEvent E. RodriguesTrack reconstruction classes LHCb-2007-007.
See alsoTrack Model Twiki
PhysEvent J.PalaciosPhysics analysis classes Physics Event Model Task Force Twiki
DAQEventM.Cattaneo, M. FrankDAQ buffers. See Online Format pages RawBuffer Twiki
L0Event J. CoganLevel-0 trigger classes L0EventModel Twiki
HltEventJ.A. Hernando-MorataHigh Level Trigger classes  
LinkerEventO.CallotLinker classes, recommended for associating objects in containers LHCb-2006-008
RelationsI.BelyaevGeneric relations classes LHCb 2005-005
EventAssocI.BelyaevDictionaries for Relations instances 
LinkerInstancesM.CattaneoDictionaries for Linker instances 
PackedEventM.CattaneoPacked classes for efficient persistency rDST web page
Presentation on 2005/03/03