LHCb Software Training

Gauss Tutorials

An example of how to run Gauss out of the box to generate signal events can be found in the LHCb training twiki. It is assumed you already have followed the "Introduction to the LHCb software"

Gauss tutorials have been organised either as general introductions in the context of more general LHCb software tutorials (e.g. UK software tutorials) or upon request. For a general introduction to Simulation in general, simulation software and MC productions in LHCb you can refer to:


Topical Gauss tutorials have also been held at CERN in the past. While some of the hands-on examples are no longer working (e.g. SetupProject has been replaced by lb-run) the general concepts are still valid.

The advanced topical tutorial can be used for self-teaching. They have introductory lectures followed by others are on specific topics where some of the basic concepts may be repeated and discussed more in depth. Questions can be addressed to the LHCb FAQ or directly to the lhcb-gauss-manager e-group.

Click on the title to get the whole agenda of the tutorials:

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