Last Updated September 24, 2001

Final report of the referees (text)

Documents related to the review of the LHCb Readout Unit

Scope of RU project, assessment criteria and information to be supplied (ppt, pdf)

Readout Unit II (FPGA-based)

see under the RU website We will eventually give detailed links on this page to important documents. Links to some selected documents:

-Conference paper RT2001, a Readout Unit for high rate applications

-Presentation slides in RT2001 Jose Toledo

-Subevent transport format STF draft note

-Readout Unit, Draft Technical LHCb note

-Readout Unit archive, minutes, talks etc

-Readout Unit-II, status report in LHCb electronics workshop January 2001

-RT2001 Conference " A networked mezzanine processor card" A.Guirao

-Webpage on MCU PMC mezzanine by Angel Guirao

-Slideshow in last LHCb Mai 2001 electronics meeting

-Readout Unit meeting Heidelberg 9-10 Oct. 2000


Readout Unit (NP-based)

For a discussion of Network Processors in general and their prospect see the "Network Processor Central" and the links therein

About the IBM Network Processor in general see the IBM Documentation.

The application of the NP4GS3 within the LHCb DAQ system is described in several talks

Minutes of the review and material presented there


Project Overview (J. Harvey)

FPGA-based RU:

Network Processor-based RU:

Summary and Discussions of the review (S. Schmeling)