LHCb notes about reconstruction

This page last edited by MC on October 28, 2015.

The following is a compilation of LHCb notes concerning reconstruction. It is certainly not complete. If your favourite note does not appear in this list, please let me know....

See also the Event Model and Online buffers documentation.


The tracking software is described in the Tracking Twiki page. Below are additional links to tracking related notes

"Magnetic field of LHCb dipole magnet at sub-detectors, cryoplant and electronics racks". Internal Note LHCb-2000-084  
Reconstruction of Cluster Positions in the LHCb Velo; Parkes, C; Ruf, T; Szumlak, T; LHCb-2007-151
Study of the impact of VELO misalignments on the LHCb tracking and L1 trigger performance; Petrie, D; Parkes, CJ; Viret, S; LHCb-2005-056
Track fit-vertex locator test-beam software description. LHCb-2001-038
Track fit with MINUIT for the vertex detector. LHCb note 99-025  

J.v.Tilburg, "Overview of the Outer Tracker software", Presentation at the OT meeting in Cambridge, 2002-09-18
A simple clustering algorithm for the Outer Tracker. Internal Note LHCb-2001-149

Particle ID (See also the Global PID software Twiki page)

Measurement of RICH gas refractive index from data. LHCb note LHCb-2002-070
Particle identification in the RICH detectors and study of impact parameters. LHCb note 97-018

Photon Identification. LHCb note LHCb 2004-032
S-Shape modelisation. LHCb-2003-010
A clustering algorithm for the LHCb electromagnetic calorimeter using a cellular automaton. LHCb Note LHCb-2001-123

The Muon Identification Procedure of the LHCb Experiment for the First Data. LHCb note LHCb-PUB-2009-013
Study of the MuonID performance for OffLine algorithm; LHCb-2005-098
Multivariate Methods for Muon Identification at LHCb. LHCb note LHCb-2001-084
Muon identification in LHCb. LHCb note LHCb-2001-009