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What is Bender?

Bender is the LHCb Python-based Physics Analysis Environment. It combines the physics content of DaVinci/Phys/Analysis/Hlt/Rec/Lbcom projects with the interactive python abilities provided by GaudiPython package. It also could be considered as "Interactive LoKi". Bender is organized as a CMT project. Top-level python modules reside in Phys/Bender package which collects the necessary functionality. The major functionality comes from ROOT/Reflex dictionaries for basic C++ classes and interfaces. These dictionaries are used primary for POOL persistency and reused fro the interactivity. The main purpose of top-level modules and scripts is the coherent orchestration of the Reflex dictionaries and the proper  decoration of the available interfaces. 


Significant improvements in Bender semantics are expected (mainly according to the feedback from you)


In this part you will find the latest versions of the software, release notes, system requirements, distribution kits.


Here you will find related documentation: manuals, tutorials and also talks.

Bug reports

You can report bugs or view bug histories via Savannah portal. Also Bender mailing list and archive could be used 

Just for fun!

Do you know in whose honour was the program called? You've got questions? Then here are the answers. Have fun and enjoy. :)