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All information here is obsolete and kept for archiving purposes only

Specifications & Designs

  • CC-PC board-design guidelines and recommendations

  • ECS Interface (CC-PC and glue-card): The mechanical specifications can be found here. Please note that the width of the glue-card might still increase.

  •    LHCb glue-card: Find the new pin-out of the LHCb glue-card here (the old pin-out is still here for comparison). An explanation for the changes in the pin-out can be found under this web-page.
    The mechanical dimensions of the gluecard can be found here.

The following is obsolete and is just kept for archiving purposes!!!!!!!!

A tgz archive of the cadence files is also available. Files in gluecard-fl.tgz contain the CERN specific devices and primitives. Use something like tar -zxf gluecard-cadence.tgz on UNIX, or winzip to extract the files. Similarly there is an archive with the Allegro files for the routed version of the current design.
The connector is described in these 2 files: con240ab_53475.psm, con240ab_53475.dra)

  • RJ45 Connector: A preliminary mini-circuit can be found here. It is based on the 16ST8515 filtering circuit from Bothhand. Please wait with using it, until we release a final recommendation for a filtering connector.

  •  Evaluation Board: Archives containing the Cadence files and the corresponding Allegro files of the routed current version. Files in smart-fl.tgz contain the CERN specific devices and primitives. Use something like tar -zxf smart-cadence.tgz on UNIX, or winzip to extract the files.
    Schematics in pdf  generated from the Cadence files.

Diagrams, drawings, pictures

Generic Electronics board block-diagram
An Evaluation Board has been developed to study various software and hardware aspects of the CCPC. This is its  Block Diagram (pdf).


ZFx86 System-on-a-chip Data Book rev 1.0C, the core of the CC-PC from ZF Micro Devices
Local  Bus Controller PLX PCI 9080 Datasheet, PLX PCI 9030 Datasheet from PLX Technology
smartModule SM586PC preliminary Datasheet from Digital Logic Switzerland
smartModule 480 Bus Integration Manual
PCA9516 I2C Hub Datasheet from Phillips
JTAG three-way Bridge SCANSTA111 Enhanced SCAN bridge from National Semiconductor
Serial I2C bus readable 24AA00 EEPROM Datasheet from Microchip

Notes & Presentations

"On-board PCs for interfacing front-end electronics", presentation JCOP team meeting, April, 2002 (pdf)
"News from the Credit Card PC", presentation LHCb-Week February 2002, (pdf)
"The use of  Credit Card sized PCs for interfacing electronics boards to the LHCb ECS", LHCb 2001-147


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