LHCb Data Challenges

Computing Data Challenges

LHCb foresee to run Computing Data Challenges every year until LHC starts operation with the aim of testing at the same time the Computing Model and the performance of their software.




CDC'04 April-June 2004 Production monitoring
Production accounting
Book-keeping plots

Brief summary of goals and capacity requirements (last updated 2003-09-05)

Detailed estimates of capacity needs (also .xls) (last updated 2003-11-18)

CDC'05 2005 Brief summary of goals (last updated 2003-09-05)

It is foreseen that useful simulation data be produced during these Data Challenges, most probably “inclusive B” samples for which a very large number of events are required for trigger and high level trigger studies.

Physics Data Challenges




PDC1 February-April 2003 Summary of resource usage (also .xls)

Plots (DC progress, share of resources)

CERN Bulletin article (2003/21)

PDC2 Early 2006 Large statistics simulation/reconstruction for physics studies (signal and b-decays background) will be needed in order to further assess the Physics performance of LHCb

Older (obsolete) documents



2002 Spreadsheet with capacity calculations

Plans for data challenges

Production planning document for 2003

Status of Data Challenge 1

SLICE distributed production system