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Review Final reports and presentations

Report of the Steering Group of the LHC Computing Review  22 Feb 2001 (pdf, ps
Presentation to LHCC of  Steering Group report by S. Bethke 21 Mar 2001  (pdf)
Building the LHC Computing Environment by Hans Hoffmann 12 Mar 2001 (doc, pdf

N.B. LHCb detailed requirements on capacities, manpower and costs can be found here

Presentations to LHCb collaboration

Summary of LHC Computing Review : J.Harvey  Plenary 10 May 2001 (ppt, pdf)
LHC Computing Review Recommendations   J.Harvey    28 Mar 2001 (ppt, pdf)
Technical Board discussion on questions raised by Review J.Harvey  17 May 2000 (ppt, pdf)
Discussion on software agreements and computing MOUs  J. Harvey  8 May 2000 (ppt, pdf)

Software Project Panel


LHCb answers to the SPP questions. (Draft) (.pdf)
LHCb answers to the SPP questions- Round II. (Draft) (.pdf)

Presentations made to the panel on 15th March 2000

Answers to questions on Process, Planning, Training and Milestones (J.Harvey) (.pdf) (.ppt)
Answers to questions on Architecture, Data Model and Program Infrastructure (P.Mato) (.pdf) (.ppt)
Answers to questions on Simulation and Physics (G.Gracia) (.pdf) (.ppt)
Answers to questions on Non-expreiment specific software (M.Cattaneo) (.pdf) (.ppt)

Worldwide Analysis/Computing Model Panel


Baseline model of LHCb's distributed computing facilities. Draft 0.9 (.pdf)

Presentation made to joint meeting of Model/Resource Panels on May 12th

Answers to questions from Panel 1 and Panel 3 (J.Harvey) (ppt, pdf)

Presentations made to the panel on 23rd March 2000

Some comments on possible resources for LHCb computing, and some related activities (F.Harris) (.pdf, ppt)
Baseline Model of LHCb’s Distributed Computing Facilities (J.Harvey) (.pdf) (.ppt)

Management and Resources Panel

Presentation made to the panel on 24th March 2000

LHCb processing requirements - Focus on the first year of data-taking (J.Harvey) (.pdf) (.ppt)

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