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Detector Safety System (DSS)

The main goals of a Detector Safety System (DSS) for the experiments at the LHC are to protect of the experiment, with that the investment into it, and to avoid situations leading to Alarms-of-Level-3 in order to increase the running time of the experiment. It should complement and not duplicate existing systems, such as the Detector Control System (DCS) and the CERN Safety System (CSS).

eMail: lhcb-dss (DSS) <lhcb-dss@cern.ch>


DSS Maintenance and Operation

The alarms are managed by the LHCb DSS Piquet Tel: 16 30 51  LHCb DSS Shift list

Useful Telephone Numbers List

LHCb DSS weekly meeting 2007 summary 

LHCb DSS weekly meeting 2008 summary 

The failures, interventions and maintenance are listed in the DSS LogBook (system affected: DSS)  

A 'Common Experiment System piquet service' ( CES piquet) can be called 24h/24 in case of hardware problem on the DSU racks. Tel : 16 20 82 

DSS Maintenance & Support document (Stefan Lueders: EDMS 787430 )



Contacts Mini-review presentation EDMS links for Alarm-Action-Matrix documents,     Alarms Tests Status, DSS Patch Panel connections.
MUON Burkhard Schmidt  15.12.2006 EDMS 830679 (Muon2-5)  EDMS 830677 (Muon1)
Calorimeters Pascal Perret 

Xavier Vilasis Cardona 

 24.10.2006 (pdf) EDMS 830667
Silicon Tracker Olaf Steinkamp  31.01.2006 (pdf) EDMS 830675 ( IT )          EDMS 830676 ( TT )
Outer Tracker Antonio Pellegrino  27.11.2006 EDMS 830681
RICH Olav Ullaland  09.11.2006 (pdf) EDMS 830673
VELO Ann Van Lysebetten

Massimiliano Fero-Luzzi

 09.01.2007 (pdf)  EDMS 830682

Mini review e-mail summary:  EDMS 829984

Procedure to request a change in the DSS Alarm-Action-Matrix : EDMS 832722

General DSS Documents

LHCb Infrastructure DSS Alarm-Action-Matrix Laurent Roy EDMS 783228
LHCb DSS Sensor/Actuator Configuration Laurent Roy EDMS 766100
DSS pour LHCb (french) Laurent Roy EDMS 580080
Detector Safety Unit Stefan Lueders EDMS 471294

Cern DSS Team EDMS folders : https://edms.cern.ch/nav/CERN-0000011111

General DSS Presentations at LHCb meetings

  • 12.03.2007:(L.Roy) DSS status presentation in LHCbWeek electronics meeting ( pdf )        
  • 29.05.2006:(L.Roy) I/O per sub-detector presentation in LHCbWeek electronics meeting ( pdf  )     
  • 12.09.2005:(chairman: R.Lindner) LHCbWeek DSS meeting, sub-detectors presentations ( link )    
  • 06.06.2005:(L.Roy) DSS reminder presentation in LHCbWeek electronics meeting ( ppt  )
  • 31.05.2002:(chairman: R.Lindner) LHCbWeek DSS meeting ( link )
  • 21.02.2002:(chairman: R.Lindner) LHCbWeek DSS meeting ( link )
  • 06.12.2001:(chairman: S.Schmeling) First LHCb Detector Safety System Meeting ( link )
  • 19.09.2001:(P.Gavillet and S.Schmeling) Computing meeting  ( pdf )
  • 17.09.2001:(P.Gavillet and S.Schmeling) An Experiment Safety System for LHCb - Ideas and Concepts ( pdf )

Other Presentations

  • 14.02.2007: (chairman: Detlef Swoboda) Conference 'Review of Safety Systems for the LHC Experiments'  ( link )


 JCOP (IT/CO) / Sub Projects / DSS:  link


  • 25.07.2001: (R.Nunes): Safety Detection Systems inside the LHC Experiments ( link )
  • 21.03.2001:  (L.Scibile): CERN Safety Alarm Monitoring ( link )


  • 11.05.2004: CERN-JCOP-017, An Overview of the DSS ( EDMS 471300 )
  • 30.04.2002: CERN-JCOP-013, Final Report of the DSS Working Group ( EDMS 459817 )
  • 15.02.2002:  LHCb-2002-007 LHCb Detector Safety System - Inventory of Needs  ( pdf
  • 10.01.2002: CERN-JCOP-2002-007,  A Detector Safety System for Experiments at the LHC – Scope & Architecture Overview ( pdf )
  • 08.01.2002: CERN-JCOP-2002-008, Detector Safety System Working Group – Interim Report  ( pdf )                 
  • 25.05.2001: Description of the DELPHI/GSS System ( pdf )

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